Economy and Jobs

     Warren has exceptional knowledge and background in agriculture, construction, direct sales & sales management, and operating small businesses.  He understands the economy within the 125th district is dependent upon low energy prices to help support agriculture, construction, health services, public service institutions, travel, and tourism.  Alongside farming, Warren pursued a career in carpentry and actively operated the Love Construction Company for 12 years.  He then, spent 21 years as a Sales Rep & District Sales Manager with Moorman Manufacturing a Livestock Feed Company.  In 2002 he & his family started a seasonal summer restaurant in Iconium known as ToadSuck Grill & Trading Company. 

     Warren is a strong supporter of Right to Work and will support legislation to eliminate government mandated union membership so Missouri can compete with neighboring Right to Work states.  He believes we are losing jobs and the power of the free market due to government adopted rules and regulations that stifle economic growth and job creation. Warren will work to stop unnecessary rules and regulations, reduce the tax burden, and make Missouri a "Right to Work State”.


     Warren believes the future of our Great Nation depends on the foundation of a strong education for our children & grand-children. We must continue this tradition!

     He served 16 years on the Osceola School Board and feels the funding of education is the #1 priority in our state and our local communities. Children deserve the opportunity to gain knowledge with the expectation of developing marketable skills to achieve success and become productive citizens in our society.  Warren’s first seven years of education were in a one-room school.  After which he transferred to Osceola High School where he was actively involved in Future Farmers of America and served his senior year as the Chapter President. He attended Central Missouri State University with studies in Agriculture.


     Warren is a 5th generation Missourian and has over 50 years experience in farming/ranching business. He grew up on a diversified livestock and grain operation in the Iconium, Missouri area where he and his family still operate the Love Ranch today.  It is his philosophy that the American farmer and rancher grow the finest grain and forages in the world.  He believes farmers should have the freedom to utilize modern farming practices so that our nation will be provided with meat, milk and eggs.  He will encourage sales to other states and countries as a source of revenue for Missourians and will fight organizations, such as HSUS & PETA, that try to adopt unnecessary regulations that threaten the profitability and livelihood of Missouri Farmers and Ranchers.

Sanctity of Life

     Warren strongly supports the Right to Life for the unborn and the elderly.  He will promote and defend the sanctity of innocent human life from the inception of biological development through natural death.

Second Amendment

     Warren is a NRA member and believes in America we have the constitutional right for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. We must never give up this liberty & freedom.


     Warren is against a mandated Cap & Trade Tax by the Federal Government. He will work to keep electricity available and affordable to small towns and rural areas. He supports clean coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, natural gas & domestic oil production, and is a strong supporter geo-thermal ground source heating and cooling.

States' Rights

     Warren believes in the Liberties and Freedoms granted to the States by the 10th Amendment. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” He supports a State Sovereignty Resolution to be adopted.

 Illegal Immigration

     While immigration policy is largely a federal issue the State does have a role to play.  Warren will fight to make sure laws are enforced, our borders protected, and employers are held accountable for hiring illegal immigrants.  We must secure our borders & take seriously the problem of illegal immigration.  He does not support amnesty, & believes people who break the law should be held accountable, both illegal immigrants and the employers who exploit them for cheap labor.