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15/11/2013 · Gday all. Im going to try my hand at catching some YFW and I have a couple of questions regarding hooks and bait presentation. I am using a size 4 bait holder gamakatsu hook, is this ok sizewise? Should I be using a long shank hook instead? I am.
Contact Greg James Live on Air. Salmon trout, yellowfin whiting and mullet - anywhere you can find seaweed clumps and some surging water is the best place to fish from the beach. Run a rig with a hook below the sinker and a hook above with a big piece of cheesy squid as the top bait. 12/02/2011 · if its sand whiting you are after the best place i have found in close is about 200m off city beach groyne, just anchor and berley with chook pellets and they will soon come to you, they start small usually then after 1/2 hr or so the big ones normally come on we use a small paternoster with long shank hooks and any of the baits you mention. Learn more about the Yellowfin Whiting, how to catch them and where to find Yellowfin Whiting.

The Yellowfin Whiting is an unassuming dinner guest but never fails to deliver. Like many in its family, this whiting exhibits subtle sweet ocean flavours with flaky, pearl white flesh. Ideal for traditional dishes. Provenance Typically found in shallow sheltered waters, key producing regions include Northern Spencer and Gulf St Vincent. Yellowfin have responded in a big way to luring methods and catching them on surface offerings is probably the most entertaining way to target these fish as you can at times watch pods of whiting squabble over your slowly twitched lure before finally crunching it. Gold! An entirely new range of SureCatch rigs has been released to make the complicated task of rigging up for different situations a breeze. Within the range there are rigs for all the popular species including bream, whiting, snapper and flathead as well as rigs to help you fish the. Where to fish. Sand whiting inhabit sandy areas within estuaries, bays and coastal beaches at a depth generally between 0.5-6m. When targeting whiting within an estuary focus on the sand flats during an incoming tide, particularly the upper reaches of the tidal front, and channel edges during the run out tide. Whiting Fishing Tips – How to Catch Whiting. The best Whiting Fishing Rig – Rods and Reels. A general purpose 7-8 foot rod and 3000 reel combination will see you covered for most Whiting scenarios, a hand-line will suffice for that matter, they’re not a complicated fish.

True sand whiting, which are not found in WA, don’t have light brown spots or streaks above the lateral line, and do have a distinctive blackish blotch at the base of the pectoral fin. In fact without that dark blotch they could easily be confused with yellowfin whiting, also illustrated here. 17/03/2017 · I have been having fun chasing yellowfin whiting on poppers. I have tried numerous brands on poppers. But now have settled for a 48mm Scumdog lure. These are not a true popper lure they are called walking the dog lures. They float on the surface and by winding slowly bouncing the tip of the rod every few seconds. Terminal Tackle; Rigs; Whiting Rigs; Whiting Rigs Popular Items. 6 Packets of Surecatch Whiting Rigs with Size 4 Ch. $9.95 53% OFF. Add to Cart. 6 Packets of Surecatch Whiting Rigs with Size 6 Ch. $9.95 53% OFF. Add to Cart. Surecatch Whiting Rig with Size 8 Chemically Sharp. $2.49 29% OFF. Surecatch Pre-Tied Yellowfin/Whiting Fixed Sinker.

Chemically sharpened, circle, stainless and bronze hooks are used to create the perfect rig for each situation and best of all, these rigs will not break the bank, giving you a cost effective way to make the most of your time on the water. 01/03/2012 · My leader is usually a piece of my mainline. I don’t beef it up on whiting as there’s no real need. The other rig to consider is a twin hook rig. If you just read my article on “Advanced Soft Plastic Rigs” in the February issue we actually devised that rig from our experience with this surf rig. 02/05/2007 · whiting are normaly a by catch on the sp, get the odd one when chasing bream or flatties - the gulps seem to work well in anything resembeling a worm but i have seen a few elbow slappers caought using soldier and mud crabs so i suppose the sp versions would do the trick - its easier to pump a few yabbies have a quiet beer and let the why-ting. 21/12/2019 · Catching whiting on this type of tackle, especially when you add in a little current, is great fun. It’s how I got my kids started in fishing and is still one of my favourite ways to spend a morning. Polarized sunglasses are a must as whiting have a great ability to. Australian herring are a good eating fish. Fillets can be grilled, pan fried, steamed, baked, smoked or barbecued. Keep checking back as we have recipes and cooking tips coming soon. For more information on how to care for you catch, check out our Catch Care page here. How to scale an Australian Herring.

SureCatch Yellowfin Whiting Rig. Jarvis Walker Tangle Free Whiting Rig. Price: from AUD $3.59. View Details Geoff Wilson Tangle Free Salmon Rig. Price: from AUD $3.59. View Details Gillies Garfish Rig. Price: from AUD $4.50. View Details Mustad Fastach rig mainline. Keep up to date. Get the latest Over60 news, offers and articles. Join Over60. Pre Made Rigs MORE PRODUCTS 1 2 → Brand. Black. SAFTA Yellowfin Whiting Fishing Rig Sold Out Sale View. Sunseeker. Sunseeker Circle Hook Whiting Rig - Size 4 CHWR4X45 Regular price $4.95 Sale price $4.50 Sale View. Sunseeker. Sunseeker Flash and Grabber.

  1. 11/01/2013 · Howdy!I have recently moved down to Moana. I have been fishing a fair bit of North Moana and High Tide and also the mouth at Southport but so far have had no luck with YFW. I have been fishing a running sinker rig most f the time on fairly light gear.
  2. Yellowfin Whiting or Silver Whiting as they are known locally. See attached catch of Silver Whiting from Port Augusta waters. Some of the biggest silvers I have ever caught.Is it easy? Of course everything is easy when you know how. If you think you can just go down and catch a dozen Silver Whiting by throwing your bait in the water without.
  3. The Blackwood River winds its way to the ocean in Augusta, and the lower reaches can be good for herring and whiting. Farther upstream, it becomes a very good black bream river, with restocking supported by Recfishwest helping boost bream stocks in recent years.
  4. I've found that this rig allows the lure plenty of freedom of movement and it also tracks straight. I was using a flourocarbon leader but had problems with divers breaking the surface and also with course tracking. Yellowfin are also great sport on light tackle, in addition to being one of my favourite table fish.

Targeting King George whiting on bait is great fun and can be a bit of an art form when the fish are timid. Whether fishing out of a boat or from a jetty a simple Paternoster rig will do the job nicely. The rig consists of a swivel at the top, two droppers with long shank hooks. How to Catch Tailor Rigs and Techniques. A long, light spinning rod and spinning reel with 6-10kg line and 15kg mono leader will do fine for most situations, though you may wish to alter this depending on the location you’re fishing. Ive heard a bit about whiting on poppers but cant say ive heard much about whiting on soft plastics? I went out to spend the last of my gift voucher I got from business name removed and come home with some 1/12 size 1 jig heads and some 2 inch zmans grubs in white and bloodworm color. These ready to fish rigs feature a running sinker design to create the perfect whiting rig. These rigs will not break the bank, giving you a cost effective way to make the most of your time on the water.

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